About the Trust

The Courtney S. Turner Charitable Trust was created under a Trust Agreement dated August 25, 1978 to award charitable gifts to 501(c)(3) organizations with charitable, cultural, educational, or youth-oriented projects.


  • John H. Mize
  • Tony Twyman

    Senior Vice President
    Philanthropic Client Manager
    Bank of America Private Bank

Atchison Advisory Committee

  • Rich Dickason
  • Karen Seaberg
  • Richard Berger
  • Jonathan Mize

Bank of America, N.A. Philanthropic Solutions

Bank of America, N.A. is proud to serve as co-trustee of the Courtney S. Turner Charitable Trust. As steward of this charitable trust, we work to award meaningful grants in accordance with the philanthropic mission of the donor, trustees, and committee.

The Philanthropic Solutions group is committed to fulfilling the charitable intent of each and every donor and to providing useful information for the nonprofit community.

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